Our Story

 AHRK is the way to overcome the pitfalls and problems of life. It is a pathway to abundance, the perspective of victory and process of success. We welcome you. While everyone begins this journey from a unique place, all who begin this journey do so by choosing to experience the fullness that life has to offer.  Experiences of insecurity, loneliness, irritability and hopelessness are not the abundance we seek, yet they are often all we see. AHRK makes the unseen - seen, and the broken - whole. AHRK is the process of uncovering and living out your unique expression of identity and purpose.

Welcome to AHRK! Here we Acknowledge, Heal, Restore and experience the fullness and victory of the Kingdom. This is the place where you stand and declare the truth of your best life: living loved and loving life.  The common experience of simply existing and enduring pain become a thing of the past, and in a moment you are set free to overcome all fear and failure. Thus, AHRK empowers you to release anxiety and stress, exchanging struggle and suffering with a filling of peace and joy!  With AHRK the impossible is made possible and your dreams are ushered into reality. No longer does reality have to be less than desirable, you can choose right now to say good bye to resentment, resistance and rebellion which are all rooted in regret for a missed opportunity.

Declare and call forth a life re-imagined: Think it -to- Believe it… Believe it -to- See it… Don’t wait one more day, Start you AHRK journey today!