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AHRK is the process of uncovering and living out your unique expression of Identity and Purpose!

It is a pathway to abundance, the perspective of victory and process of living loved and loving life. We welcome you. While everyone begins this journey from a unique place, all who begin this journey do so by choosing to experience the fullness that life has to offer.  Experiences of Insecurity, Loneliness, and Hopelessness are not the abundance we seek, yet they are often all we see. The AHRK path helps you see past these realities to what can be yours. Learn More

after this course, you’ll be able to….


know your v.i.p. with confidence

Knowing your Values, Identity and Purpose is the beginning to living loved & loving life.

Overcome Obstacles

Change your mindset to push beyond obstacles to reach your goals.

Learn from Failures

Discover how to use your failures as learning tools to move you forward versus holding you back.


Do you ever?…

Second guess yourself?

Hide your true self?

Blame others for your choices?

Feel overwhelmed by your life?

Get stuck with fear?

Compare yourself to others?

Wish for something more in your life?

course overview



12 jam packed videos to watch on your own time that will get you thinking and lead you to being your best self.



Use the interactive guidebook to reflect on the videos, make changes and declare a new future.



Use the action card set to keep you moving forward. Each video session offers you a card with simple steps to living loved & loving life.




01 Refine Your Character

02 Be Motivated by Love

03 Value Your Communication

04 Engage Authentic Community

05 Reveal Your Purpose

06 Discover Personal Choice

07 Overcome Fear

08 Embrace Sacrifice

09 You are a Leader

10 Celebrate Your Success

The AHRK course has been invaluable to me. It has allowed me to see things from a completely different perspective which has helped me to grow and develop in areas I previously considered weaknesses.
This is without a doubt one of the best investments I’ve ever made!
— Gene R.
The AHRK program was both motivating and inspiring. Now that I’ve completed it I re-visit it weekly and share it with others. I believe it will help everyone in their own way and improve their current condition quickly.
— Jess Walter

 The AHRK Program


12 Video Lessons with Support Material
46 Page Interactive Guide Book
All 10 AHRK Declaration Cards
All 12 AHRK Action Cards
Single Card Easel